Brazilian adventures

Recently a new 2-games teammatch against Brazil has started on 55 boards. The match is organised by SIM Joop H.E.P. Jansen, he’s also contest secretary for the Dutch Correspondence Chess Organisation (NBC). On board 2 my opponent is Leonardo de Magalhães, a senior international master since 2012. In 2007 his first rated results were recorded. […]

The colossal move (1)

A striking blow, the opponent hammered at the board desperately looking for salvation: the colossal move. This first example should definitely be in the all-time top 3. Moscow 1951, Y. Gusev-Y. Averbakh. A very rare case of a queen sac solely on positional grounds. White to play wins. This position is also a tough nut […]

Current work: endgame KNNNKRN

For current tablebase work I have another LaCie, the 2big Quadra RAID 2 TB, as we speak it is crunching away the numbers on the 7-men KNNNKRN. Creating these tablebases is a bitch, patience is the magical word here. After 6,37 days I am this far on a very long road. I quote George Savile, […]

Adding more horsepower to the chase

Recently I have bought a LaCie 2big Thunderbolt, it’s a 2 bay RAID with 8 TB of storage. Transfer speeds are well over 300 MB/s, a valuable tool to generate a few extra 7-men tablebases. You could say I’ve added more horsepower to the chase. Indeed I have, but for fun only.

Perfect play: endgame KRNKNN

This 6-men tablebase was first generated by Lewis Stiller in 1991. The DTM of 262 stood as a record for quite some time. I remember I had a subscription in that period to the ICCA Journal in which it was published. I was astonished. This position is an absolute tribute to the complexity of chess. […]

Perfect play: endgame KBBBBKRR

This first 8-men was created in 2009 by Marc Bourzutschky and Yakov Konoval. According to Konoval, the tablebase size was reduced dramatically with 4 equal pieces for white and 2 for black. Overall the generation took about 4 days. Regarding the question of more practical 8-men endings, I quote Victor Zakharov of the Lomonosov-team (they […]

Perfect play: endgame KQBNPK

This is a 6-men endgame that I have generated recently. Despite white’s overwhelming material advantage, there is one position with a mate in 10 with white to move. The DTM with black to move is 34, there are 2 positions with this maximum. Overall generation took about 73 hours, the total number of positions is […]

Perfect play: endgame KRRRKQN

Sergey Yankovich from Belarus, released in 2011 a program to generate tablebases for chess endgames (3-4-5-6-7 men). This excellent program is called the Retrospective Chess Generator which I have been using for quite some time now. Current statistics are below. Especially generating 7-men endgames is a tiresome and longlasting enterprise. Not long ago a supercomputer […]

Who is…?

‘De Knaller‘, aangenaam. Boem! De man van de turbo gaat aan en er tegenaan. Het is hollen of stilstaan met deze jongen, wel altijd zoekend naar mogelijkheden om het gaspedaal in figuurlijke zin nog net iets dieper in te drukken. ‘Niet mauwen maar doordouwen’ zoals een collega op mijn werk het zo treffend weet uit […]